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We collect answers to the question posed by the project WHAT’S INSIDE?.
Those answers tell us about needs and ideas belonging to all of us!
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little red birds, flying around and poking on the inside of the metal container
by Gavrilo from Rijeka, Croatia

by Nadija from Rijeka, Croatia

Foam trucker caps for hipsters
by Daniel from Fremont, California, USA

by Lydia from Iowa City, USA

Un laberinto
by Aurora from New York, USA

notes of good will
by jelena from Rijeka, Croatia

little soul, bigger than anything
by ines from zabok, croatia

by Jeremy from Grinnell, Iowa, USA

Space Dust
by ivan from motovun, Croatia

snaaaaails :)
by saja from Koprivnica, Croatia

by iwan from rijeka, croatia

silicone for making biiig boobies for porno stars
by zeljiko from pozega, croatia

solar lenses from coldcut's energy union
by saja from Koprivnica, croatia

a lot of white chocolate
by Kristina Kovacevic from Rijeka, Croatia

A lot of school A's
by sandy from rijeka, croatia

when i was young, my mother had a couple of concrete pots with flowers in it. as a life when on i emigrated to usa. as my mother died i organized transfer of those pots, so they were shipped to me by container.
by asjas neighbour from rijeka, croatia

a short ucrainian girls
by toni from rijeka, croatia

klitcho vitaly boxing for the title of the world champion
by danon from rijeka, croatia

by shuttle from rijeka, croatia

it's empty
by rebecca from rijeka, croatia

Big pile of elephant crap with a little girl peeling oranges
by Bosku Buha from Krizevci, Croatia

Watches counting down the time until container opens
by Kana from Rijeka, Croatia

two astronauts playing black jack and drinking schnapps
by tm from Rijeka, croatia

Black stallion and they are bringing him to my home
by Sara Ivancan from Rijeka, Croatia

dry grass
by from ,

the force, wind, fire, land and water
by Iva from Rijeka, croatia

Meaning of life and container can't be open. :)
by Filip Gaspar from Rijeka, Croatia

one aligator and two beavers
by ualangug from gualalumpur, uazhna

another container, and in that one another one, and in that one another one, and in that one another one..and on the end, deep inside hiding little matchbox from Russia.
by Tijana m. from Rijeka, Croatia

The biggest ballon in the world on which I can jump
by Sara from Rijeka, croatia

A lot of happy people
by Mladi Sensej & Iva Se Smije from Rijeka, Croatia

lots of cheap white underwear made in china
by karl lagerfeld from Bagdad, Iraq

lots of plane tickets to london
by burek from leeds, uk

happines for everyone
by sunshine from nowhere, moon

free designer clothes
by guess who from ,

lot of money and free drugs for everyone
by gensovi from Rijeka, Croatia

lots of air :) theme park objects and lots of chocolate
by Nina from Rijeka, Croatia

A lot of spray cans
by Aero from Rijeka, Croatia

a lot of nutella...
by ivana from rijeka, Croatia

i wish that there was HAVOK inside...did you heard about A FIRE INSIDE...hahahah fuckin love them!
by malleus maleficarum from rijeka, croatia

I want a lot of weed
by remain from Rijeka, Croatia

I wishthere was A LOT OF FOOOOOOD !!!
by Fluffy from Rijeka, Croatia

lot of food and love!!!
by ines from Rijeka, Croatia

by nicollee from Rijeka, Croatia

Goge-Morska Sirena
by Marlo from Rijeka, Hrvatska

by Gljiva from Rijeka, Croatia

dance floor with big disco ball evribadi dens nau XDD
by tijana m from rijeka, croatia

A smaller container
by Marko Kalc from Rijeka, Croatia

by ivancica from rijeka, hrvatska

by from Rijeka, Croatia

Polyester chip.l I saw several bags in a MSC container today. Fact.
by Jeremy from Rijeka, Croatia

a snowmobile, a cadillac, cigarettes, blue jeans, DVDs, cognac
by Joe from Toronto, Canada

7 side stacked Steinway Pianos from before 1945!
by Allison from Iowa City, USA

The script for at least 10 more Fast and Furious films, starring and WRITTEN by Vin Diesel
by Josh Eklow from Iowa City, US OF A

There are five million latex balloons destined for The Balloon House in West Branch, IA.
by John Engelbrecht from ,

millions of gray goose feathers
by Steph from Minneapolis, USA

The dreamscapes of the dreamers of the nights of here and there.
by Eric Asboe from ,

universal happiness, universal sorrow, and shoes.
by derek from iowa city, u.s.

Boyfriend arm pillows-bunches of them
by liz Maugans from Bay Village, USA

by Shelley from Des Moines, USA

Firewire 400 to Firewire 800 cables
by Dave from Grand Rapids, USA

magnetic knife holders
by Clive Urbandale from Des Moines, USA

IKEA. each shipping container is a miniature IKEA module.
by Phil from Phoenix AZ, USA



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