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The carrying of goods or of people is called transportation.

At this moment, a cargo plane may be rushing medicine to miners in Alaska, a boatload of new automobiles may be headed for South America, and a team of oxen may be trudging toward a Chinese city with a cartload of precious rice. In all parts of the world the wheels of transportation are turning. The transportation industry carries goods to us by land, by water, and through air, but the intermodal box fundamentally dictates the preeminent, modern mode of hauling goods.

The Moving Crew is compelled by containers that carry the inventories of the world. Filled with foodstuffs as well as undeclared merchandise, we consider, “What’s inside?” Do you wonder about this too? Post your thoughts and videos.

By tracking individual containers, following the voyages, reporting on their contents, The Moving Crew will document the paths between goods and thus discuss the shrinking globe. View the project responses and videos. These responses illuminate needs and ideas that belong to all of us.




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