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Container Spotting is not just a hobby, nor a phenomenon of the blogosphere, it is a lifestyle, a daily practice, an awareness of one’s surroundings and the nuances of the standardized, nearly identical containers that fill the truck-trailer chasses, trains, freighters, terminals, and train yards of our modern world. To spot is to focus on details and provenances of each box, to classify each color scheme with the related logo. This demands an affinity to scrutinize as well as a love of history, distinguishing the transitions of each company and associated brand. Moving Crew spotters will see past the disfigurements of graffiti and rust. From Felixstowe to Busan, each Moving Crew member will spot and track the flow of shipping containers and their global movements, posting their photos and videos.

With the advanced tools and expertise of the Ideal X Shipping Company, the worlds largest shipping company, The Moving Crew can extend container spotting across many different markets throughout the world and follow all cargo including conventional containers, break-bulk, high-heavy and RORO.

Special Delivery: The Moving Crew will also specifically track IDEU 627 358 2 as it travels from Grinnell Iowa to Rijeka Croatia carrying the exhibition of the Ideal Art Prize.



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