Tracking IDEU 627 358 2

  Map Tracking


The Ideal X container IDEU 627 358 2, containing the art exhibition is traveling from Iowa, USA to Rijeka, Croatia and back.

As this container travels across the USA and then crosses the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and Ionian Seas and then across the Adriatic to Rijeka Croatia and then back, The Moving Crew will speed through customs, communicating with freight forwarders via an advanced Maritime Cargo Processing provider.
This system acts as a portal and translation tool, enabling all parties relevant to the movement of any consignment to share data and maritime entries, such as consignee and consignor details, custom’s declaration, weight and cube of cargo, and ship on which cargo is booked, etc.

The Moving Crew’s Geographic Information System Team (G.I.S.T.) will provide maps and models that track this container’s movements in real time and space on the web. Follow the container’s progress as it travels here!



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