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In 2010 The Moving Crew will answer The Ideal X Shipping Company’s call to “Make the World a Smaller Place”.
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Ideal X Shipping Company incorporated in 1968. The company is named after the first container ship, called Ideal-X, that revolutionized shipping in 1956 by keeping cargo in the same container from ship to truck to final destination. Today these same intermodal containers are used to transport everything from agricultural products, to toys, to weapons, as they speed by on ships or trucks, we have no idea what is inside. From international ports to rural warehouses, shipping containers link the world.

Members of The Moving Crew artist collective are assigned empty shipping containers in their home countries. For the year, 2010, this container will serve as both home and studio. Container features are listed here:

• State of the art Mobile Tracking Device
• Mobile Communications
• Digital Image Capture Device
• Video Link Satellite Hookup
• Solar Power Station
• GPS Navigational System and Router
• Touch Screen Zoom
• Code Reader
• Sustenance Station
• Exercise and Comfort Station
Boyfriend Arm Pillow
• Geographic Information System Team (G.I.S.T) provides Maps and Models tracking containers movements in real time and space on the web.

Stationed inside these containers, Moving Crew members will track the movement of container IDEU 627 358 2. This container holds an art exhibition. To participate in the exhibition click here. This exhibition will be on display at Molekula in Rijeka, Croatia in June 2010 and at the Faulconer Gallery September – December 2010.

The public can also participate in the Ideal Art Prize by registering as Container Spotters, and by speculating What’s Inside container IDEU 627 358 2.



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