Quiz No. 2

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1. Five shipping containers full of Nike shoes were lost from a container ship in the Pacific Ocean after a storm knocked 21 shipping containers off it in 1990. Where did many of these Nike shoes wash up on shore?

A. The NBA
B. The Pacific Northwest
C. Indonesia
D. Vietnam and China


2. A shipping container full of Dorito chips fell off a container ship in the Atlantic Ocean. Where did hundreds of intact Doritos bags and the shipping container wash up on shore?

A. Long Island, New York
B. Cool Ranch
C. North Carolina
D. Jacksonville, Florida


3. The container ship the Hyundai Seattle lost 34,000 hockey gloves, chest protectors and shin guards in 1994. Where did this sports equipment end up?

A. Canada
B. South Pole
C. Jamaica
D. Actually, this was not a spill but was a tragic death of thousands of hockey players due to global climate changes.

ANSWER: D. We mourn the loss of life due to this harbinger of climate change.

4. In the mid-Pacific Ocean, a 1992 spill of tens of thousands of bathtub toys including rubber ducks sent many of the ducks where?

A. To the same port in China where they first embarked
B. To Denmark
C. To the Arctic where they are frozen in ice
D. To the Gobi


5. Not all the Nikes from question #1 ended up in The Pacific Northwest. In fact, some of the left and right Nike shoes washed up in different places. Where did they wash up?

A. Left shoes in Canada, right shoes in the USA
B. Left shoes in Cuba, right shoes in the USA
C. Left shoes in Venezuela, right shoes in Chile
D. Left shoes in Cuba, right shoes in Florida
E. All of the above.



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